Marlborough Fund Managers Slater Fund Changes

On 7 August 2017, the authorised fund manager will change from Marlborough Fund Managers Ltd (MFM) to Slater Investments Ltd (SIL). The following funds will undergo name changes:

Fund Name to 7 August 2017
Fund Name after 7 August 2017
MFM Slater Growth Fund Acc
Slater Growth Fund Acc
MFM Slater Income Fund Inc
Slater Income Fund Inc
MFM Slater Recovery fund Acc
Slater Recovery Fund Acc

Slater Investments currently provide investment management services to MFM, so the changes will not affect the investment objectives, policies or management style of the funds. These changes are not expected to affect any of the charges associated with the funds.

Uploaded - 26 July 2017

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