FE Crown Rating re-balancing - The latest results

As an investor, if you�ve conducted any type of fund research then you will probably be familiar with the FE Crown Ratings that get awarded to funds by the independent ratings agency Financial Express. They can provide a useful indication of a funds past performance.

What you may not know is that Financial Express carry out a re-balancing of these ratings twice a year. So with the latest re-balancing having just taken place, we will look at some of the providers who have managed to achieve the highest rating.

A strong performer was Old Mutual which had eight funds upgraded to five Crowns. This solidified its position as the provider with the most Five Crown Rated funds as can be seen in the table below. Janus Henderson and Fidelity International also top the list with 11 funds each.

The CF Woodford Equity Income Fund has gained a Five Crown Rating on the back of its three-year performance (a requirement to be considered for a rating), making it one of the few funds to achieve this as its first rating. In fact, the fund is the second highest performer out of the 78 funds in the IA UK Equity Income sector when comparing its three-year performance to the sector average.

Number of five Crown Rated funds by fund manager

Old Mutual Global Investors
Janus Henderson Investors
Fidelity International
Jupiter Unit Trust Managers
BNY Mellon
Schroder UT Managers
JPMorgan Asset Management
Legal & General UT Managers

A total of 317 funds have been awarded a Five Crown Rating, with the IA Global sector having the most top rated funds.

FE Crown Ratings are calculated by looking at a funds return against its benchmark, its volatility and how consistently it outperforms its benchmark. You can find the FE Crown Rating for a fund by looking at its factsheet, which can be found on our Detailed Performance Browser. For a detailed explanation of the FE Crown Ratings, please click here.

Uploaded - 26 July 2017

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