Direct or platform?

Direct or Platform?

Direct Investment

We have placed hundreds of millions of pounds on behalf of our clients with reputable investment providers such as Artemis, Fidelity, Henderson, Invesco Perpetual and Jupiter to name but a few. These companies look after your investments managing them wisely in the hope of providing positive returns.


Inland Revenue rules only allow you the investor to hold an ISA with one provider. This limits the funds available to you and restricts choice and diversification. Fund supermarkets (also known as platforms) let you invest and manage funds from dozens of different fund companies in one place. They offer low charges, more choice and flexibility, less paperwork - and all this at no extra cost to you.

Over half of new Unit Trust/OEIC ISA investments are now arranged this way. They offer an easy and convenient way to invest in funds. Elson Associates transacts investments for Aegon and Fidelity FundsNetwork fund supermarkets. You get the same benefits as investing with the fund companies direct, plus:

  • Invest in over 2,500 funds from over 100 managers and with no up-front charges
  • Lower fees on clean share classes (funds without the annual renewal commission included)
  • Manage your account online, switching between funds at no cost
  • Far less paperwork - one consolidated statement covers all your fund supermarket investments
  • Consolidate your existing funds into a fund supermarket account using a free process called re-registration

There are several fund supermarkets to choose from, but we recommend Aegon and Fidelity.

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