About Valuations

The valuations section of our site allows you to see the current value of, and edit your investments. In order to make full use of this facility you should be registered for online access, only then will you be able to have unlimited access to investments placed through Elson Associates including those invested elsewhere.

The valuations provided are for investments from two sources; information for holdings that are provided to us by plan managers and information for additional holdings provided by you. Please click here for more information.

Many of the investments made through us will be reflected in the information provided to us by plan managers. However, there may be some investments made through us that are not reflected in this manner (currently we do not have online access to information from all the investment companies). In these circumstances and where you hold additional investments outside our agency, you can still add these other investments to your online portfolio to provide a more comprehensive view of the value of your investments.

If you still hold investments outside our agency which you believe would benefit from inclusion in the ‘automatically updated valuations' category, contact us here for an Agency Appointment Form. It won't take more than a few minutes to complete once you have one.