About Portfolio Scanner

Our Portfolio Scanner analyses your portfolio at the click of a button. It shows you the asset split, region split and sector split together with overall performance data and top holdings of your portfolio.

You can select the time period for the cumulative and discrete performance of your portfolio by selecting the period (3 months to 5 years) from the drop-down box under 'Time Period'.

Holdings are listed under two categories - 'Select scannable holdings' and 'Holdings not scannable'. You are able to include all scannable holdings by ticking the check box 'Include All', or alternatively you can select individual holdings by ticking the 'Include' check box to the right of each fund.

Once you have made your selection(s), click the orange 'Start Scan' button. You can then click on any of the tabs e.g. 'Asset Split' to view the relevant data.

If you wish, you can print off these pages for your personal use and convenience.