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Aberdeen ISA (Lump Sum) discounts

FundInitial Charge Discount
Saving on lump sum of £11,880
Aberdeen American Equity4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen Asia Pacific & Japan Equity4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen Asia Pacific Equity4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen Eastern European Equity4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen Emerging Markets Bond4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen Emerging Markets Equity4.25% 2.25% £267.30
Aberdeen Ethical World Equity4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen European Equity4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen European Smaller Companies Equity4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen Global Emerging Markets Equity4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen Global Emerging Markets Smaller Companies4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen High Yield Bond4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen Japan Equity4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen Latin American Equity4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen Managed Distribution4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen MM Balanced Managed Portfolio4.25% 3.00% £356.40
Aberdeen MM Cautious Managed Portfolio4.25% 3.00% £356.40
Aberdeen MM Constellation Portfolio4.25% 3.00% £356.40
Aberdeen MM Equity Managed Portfolio4.25% 3.00% £356.40
Aberdeen MM UK Income Portfolio4.25% 3.00% £356.40
Aberdeen Multi Asset4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen North American Equity4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen Property Share4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen Responsible UK Equity4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen Sterling Corporate Bond4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen UK Equity4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen UK Equity Income4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen UK Mid Cap Equity4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen UK Smaller Companies Equity4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen World Equity4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Aberdeen World Equity Income4.25% 4.25% £504.90
Murray Income Trust0.00% 0.00% £0.00

R - Cash rebate by cheque.

We endeavour to maintain correct discounts at all times. However, these discounts may be limited offers or may vary depending on the fund chosen or amount invested. To verify a discount before investing please contact us here.

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